Frequently Asked Questions

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【Before launching the App】

Is there a price to use the App?
This service is a Paid Application. A fee of 980 JPY is required to purchase the App. (Packet communication fees will be generated separately during the connection depending on your data plan)

There are some purchasable additional items.
Once purchased the items are not consumed.

When uninstalling and installing the App, please use the Restore function to re-download the purchased items.
Which OS version is supported by this App?
The following versions are supported:

iOS: 9 and above
Android: 4.4 and above
What are the supported devices?
The following devices were tested by our Company:

【Compatible Device】
iOS 9 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher

※Note that some models and tablets are not supported.

※Please understand that devices operating with an OS not listed above will not be covered by warranty / refund and support.
※Please understand that we will not support other SIM-free terminals and cheap smartphone devices.
If I buy the All-In package, all the available items will be unlocked?
You will get the Kaleid Selection A, Kaleid Selection B and the Sleep Mode. All the locked content but the 6 illustrations that can be unlocked with the Stamps.

【Inside the App】

The Application does not launch.
Please try reinstalling the Application once. Also, please check whether your device is compatible or not, as follows:

【Supported Devices】
iOS9 or higher/Android4.4 or higher

※Some devices, and tablets are not supported.

※Please note that devices outside of the above compatibilities are not eligible for refunds and support.
※Please note that we do not support SIM free devices and cheap smartphones.

Regarding the devices not described above, we apologize for not supporting them.
Can I change the device time settings?
Changing the time settings of your device may damage and corrupt the data of the Application.
If your App gets corrupted due to this, we won’t be able to provide any support.
After purchasing the Application, I can’t download it or the download doesn’t complete.
There is a possibility that you can’t download the Application due to communication environment. Please try downloading the Application again with a stable communication environment.
I want to delete the Alarm settings
▼On iOS devices
The delete button appears by swiping left on the alarm settings screen. Please tap on it.

▼On Android devices
Tap and hold the alarm that you want to delete. A delete button will be displayed. Please tap on it.
About the Alarm’s Loop
▼On iOS devices
The 3 Custom Voices will loop 3 times.
※Please note that the loop times are lower than the Android version due to iOS specifications.

▼On Android devices
The 3 Custom Voices will loop 5 times.
I want to stop the voice that plays every time I switch screen.
In the Settings Menu, you can switch the System Voices to OFF in order to stop it.
It is possible to acquire more than 1 Stamp per day?
You can acquire only 1 Stamp per day.
I purchased the Kaleid Selection A/Kaleid Selection B/All-in Package but the purchase is not reflected.
There is a possibility that the purchased content couldn't be downloaded correctly due to communication environment issues.
Please try to download again while using a stable connection.

In addition, please note that the download is done automatically after the purchase and it won’t be completed if you close the application.
After purchasing additional items, the download was not successful.
If you press the [Restore] button in the shop screen while using a good communication environment it’s possibile to download again the purchased content.
Even though I bought all the available content, I still miss something in the Album screen.
There are 30 Illustrations available in total at the moment.
①6 Default Illustrations
②6 Illustrations that can be unlocked with the Stamps
③17 Additional Illustrations that can be purchased
④1 Illustration unlocked once you own all the above Illustrations.
This is everything.

【iOS only】

Sometimes the Alarm doesn’t ring
This may happen on iOS in the following cases:
①Shutting down the App while the Alarm is ringing may result in the Alarm sound not working properly.
②If the application is not launched for an extended period of time the Alarm may not work properly.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Also, please note that the Alarm will not work If you enabled the "Do Not Disturb Mode”.

Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!

Prisma Illiya Alarm

Magical Ruby Selection - Illya

Supported OS: iOS/Android
Genre: Alarm
Price: USA:7.99 USD / Canada:10.99 CAD / Mexico:149₱
and so on.
※In-app purchase
※The content is subject to change without prior notice.

Countries' availability list: USA, Canada, Mexico,
United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden,
Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand,New Zealand,
Brazil, Chile, Argentina.

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